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The EcoWater ERR3500 Series is a top of the line cabinet style water refining system that combines the benefits of water conditioning and carbon filtration. This system is highly recommended for those on a municipal water supply.

Find out why our 3500 Series can’t be beat! in Adobe pdf format.


  • Exclusive remote monitor with HydroLink™ communications technology provides a portable and convenient way to monitor the product performance and water usage.
  • Provides whole home carbon filtration without the inconvenience or expense of changing filters.
  • System regenerates only as needed.
  • Tank light illuminates salt tank.
  • Patented remote diagnostic system (EASE™) means your EcoWater dealer can diagnose the system from a remote location.
  • 68 hour power back up.
  • System automatically adjusts settings when used with Potassium Chloride or if iron is present in the water.
  • Features a 1″ valve for plumbing up to 1-1/2″.
  • 24-Volt Transformer – ENERGY Star® qualified.
  • Certified for the removal of Barium and Radium.

Read about ERR3500 specifications in Adobe pdf format.

Extended warranty plans available, please talk to your water technician

EASE™ Exclusively From EcoWater Systems

The Electronic Automated Service Evaluation feature, is made possible by EcoWater's exclusive patented designs for a self-diagnosing, solid-state electronic control center. U.S. Patent No. 5,774,529

The EcoWater Advanced Electronics EcoWater has stayed in the forefront of automated water conditioning and refining by continually pioneering in the research and development of innovative, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronic controls.

The Electronic Package Features • HydroLink™ remote – two-way technology that makes it possible to control and monitor the 3500 Series from a remote location.

  • Coated circuitry with sealed connection points
  • Patented regeneration process, using historical water usage to predict future needs, ensuring soft water is always available
  • 72-hour program memory, saving all data and settings in the event of a power outage
  • Multiple language capabilities, including English, Spanish and French
  • 24-volt ENERGY STAR® compliant transformer
  • The EcoWater Automated Service Evaluation (EASE™) feature

The EASE™ System

Your EcoWater ECR/ERR 3500 Series system is equipped with EASE™ – a self-diagnosing, electronic evaluation control center.

The Diagnostics

If your conditioner/refiner ever needs servicing, the EASE™ feature enables the EcoWater technician diagnostic visibility to:

  • How much water is being used daily
  • The water usage pattern
  • How much water hardness the conditioner/refiner is removing
  • How well the system controls are functioning
  • How effectively the valve is functioning
  • How efficiently the water is being conditioned/refined

The Benefits

  • Save money: If a problem occurs, the EASE™ technician may be able to instruct you how to correct the problem over the phone, helping avoid a service call.
  • Save time: If a service call is necessary, EASE™ tells the servicer what repairs and parts are needed, helping ensure an efficient service call without multiple trips.