EcoWater Spokane

Spokane's Ecological choice for fresh water


The EcoWater EcoPure Series 6130 conditioning system is highly recommended for those on either municipal or well water supplies.


  • Demand electronics measure water use
  • Teflon®* disk valve for troublefree operation
    * (trademark of DuPont)
  • Proportional / counter-current regeneration for increased efficiency
  • Self-cleaning distributors
  • 24-volt transformer
  • 72-hour memory backup for power outages
  • Double-lined, reinforced mineral tank
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Powered by an Energy Star qualified adapter for a better environment

Electronic Demand

  • LCD display
  • Features patented “Look Ahead” technology
  • Quick Setup – set the time and hardness and you are done
  • Display shows time, hardness and regeneration time
  • Efficiency selector – choose normal or high efficiency mode